Hi there, I’m Amanda!

Welcome to my space on the web where I chat about life, love, beauty, inspiration, and everything else!

  • Independent Outreach Specialist and Independent Scentsy Consultant
  • Addicted to coffee – an endless supply would be just great
  • Obsessed with gaming – old & new
  • Hard-working and motivated
  • Recently purchased my first home and I’m OCD about keeping it clean and organized
  • Madly in love with the best boyfriend of over two years, Ian
  • Crazy about rescuing animals. Currently we love our two kittens (Ruby and Snowball – sisters) and our lovely dogs (Noodle and Bruce)
  • Firm believer that you should never stop learning
  • Glitter makes everything better, don’t be afraid to sparkle!
  • Social butterfly
  • Positive, proactive, perfectionist

Thanks so much for checking the site out. I’m excited to share my life and bring you on this exciting journey with me!

Grab a cup of coffee (or tea, if that’s more your thing), read up on some posts and connect with me. Let me know your thoughts/feelings/criticism/questions/inspiration/etc! I welcome all opinions and encourage you to be social with me – it’s the highlight of creating this blog!


(P.S. If you’re interested in writing for Glitter Panda, please reach out! I’m open to guest authors and I would love to connect with you.)